Sexual Temper Tantrum

I remember this one sexy dame I used to see for a while, Trinity was her name. I’ll never forget the way she used to make me cum. She always had something new she wanted to show me. She would text me things like:
Nicco, I’m extremely horny for you right now; my body is aching for sum sexual fun. I’ve got something new I want to try; something I have never done before… A sight you’ve never seen.
This particular time I was busy… Well sort of. Anyhow, she threw a hissy fit when I told her I couldn’t come over. But I was curious and wanted to know what she was talking about, so I called her phone. She didn’t answer. I called back again and still no answer. So I sent her a text back instantaneously.
Something new… Like what?
A few moments passed and then I received three messages back to back to back.
Well you know I love sucking your dick… Slowly kissing up and down your thick shaft as I drag my tongue around; making a trail from the tippy top of the head to the base. Taking your head into my mouth, you’ll quiver as I suck on the tip letting my tongue play in your slit. I know how much you enjoy that. I‘ll apply a little pressure to my suction when I take your nut sack into my cheeks like a chipmunk; inviting more and more of you into my mouth until I feel you hit the back of my throat. Relaxing myself, I’ll let you slide down my warm tight throat. The spit begins to fall from my mouth down your thick dick…
It’s getting really sloppy, pre-cum and saliva all over your hard dick and my hands. It’s leaking down to your balls. Slurping as my much as I can from your balls while I’m stroking your dick. My eyes looking up at you as my throat takes in your dick like a snake eating its prey… I gag a bit and pull away, yet still jacking you off with my soft manicured hands to replace my mouth for a bit. Sucking on your head and placing random kisses down your dick, I go back to licking your balls. Taking your one ball into my mouth and then the other, I playfully graze your hole by letting my long tongue wander. I’m turned on even more from your sugary taste. I want more. I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth so I can taste all of you…
I know you love sloppy head Nicco. My face and chest are all wet. I see the look in your eye like you’re about to cum. So I suck greedily on your dick. I want to milk you of your man milk… Taking you in as far as I can go, I hum on your dick. I love the way you taste Nicco, I love making you cum…
What was I supposed to say to that? I decided to just text her back the truth.
Damn, you got my dick so hard it’s throbbing. I need all of that. You had me visualizing every single moment as I read it. Now I’m craving for your sloppy head and very eager to know what you want to do that is new. Are you going to tell me what it is you want to try that’s new?
A few moments passed.
I wish you were here right now Nicco. I really want to make you cum and I want it all over my face. Nicco! Where are you, baby? I need to play with that long hard dick of yours. I’m sucking and licking on my titties as we speak my body is melting for you.
I, again, didn’t know what to say. I had things to take care of that day. But before I could reply she sent me another text.
I need you here Nicco where the fuck are you? You have me pouting and whining for you. You gonna make me beg for it? You know I’m a big baby when it comes to you. Get over here and spoil me with pleasure…
Wow, she was really on some demanding shit. I tried to compromise with her.
Baby, my dick is telling me to come over but my mind knows. I have a lot of important things to take care of and they need to be done by today. I won’t be making it over. I can most definitely make it to you first thing tomorrow morning around 8 AM. You know we love having sexual morning fun.
I knew she wasn’t going to like that but shit, I have a life too. And it’s going to go on with or without her sucking my dick. However, I wanted to see the new shit she had in mind. But before I could text her back and let her know I had changed my mind, she sent me this…
You know what fuck you Nicco. I can’t stand your lying ass your probably going over some other bitches house to give her My dick. You fucking hoe! I hate you Nicco! Don’t text or call my fucking phone anymore. Enjoy your time with that weak ass bitch you’re going to see.
I couldn’t help but laugh. This chick is crazy.
You fucking irritate the hell out of me Nicco with your fucked up ways. You are on some funny shit. If you weren’t coming you should’ve just said that from the beginning simple as that. Ugh, smfh…
Here we go with this non sense. Now I have to say something to calm her down. But then I thought it better if I just head on over there. She’ll be surprised plus I’ll get extra cool points. So that’s what I did. Keeping the game going, I texted her back…
Man, you know I want to come see you and have some sexual fun with your freaky ass.
I figure that text should hold her over for a little while. And it did, because she replied with..
Then come over. I really need you Nicco baby.
I could tell she was hopeful. So I went ahead and shut that down…
I can’t, I have things to take care of. I’m sorry baby. I really wish I could make it over there today.
I knew that would piss her off all over again, and that was a chance I was willing to take. She’ll forgive me when I tell her to open the door. If she doesn’t… Some of the best sex is angry/make-up sex.
Yep! Don’t come. Fuck you Nicco! Sorry is the right word for you, you sorry mutha fucka… After all the shit I’ve done for your punk ass Nicco. You know what go do whatever the fuck you are going to do. I’m just going to call the next man over.
I took a shower real quick. Brushed my teeth and threw on some sweats before I headed out the door. It took me about 20 minutes to get to her house. I was going to ring the doorbell but instead I just texted her…
Lmao! You are hilarious. Calm the fuck down. Hurry up and open the damn door before I really do leave to see the next chick since that’s what I’m out doing anyway… And you ain’t calling no fucking body over. Now open the door!
I know she wasn’t expecting me to say that.
Stop fucking playing with me Nicco you aren’t at my door. Don’t play with my emotions. I’m way too horny for you to be playing games right now.
I quickly text back
I’m standing in front of the door right now. So are you going to open up?
It took her a while to respond back.
Okay, okay, yes I’m going to open the door. Give me a few minutes please.
She opened the door with a huge Kool-Aid smile on her ravishing face. Her green eyes, accentuated with flecks of gold, sparkled brightly. I noticed she had on a sexy little all white mesh robe that tied on the side. The rouge noir spiked platform heels she wore matched her nail polish and lipstick. I just stood at the door awestruck and overwhelmed with arousal. She grabbed me by my dick and pulled me into her apartment.
“Damn boy your dick is hard as ever. It’s throbbing in my hand. You are really excited to see me.” She smiled. “I need to send you text messages like that more often. Come on Nicco, follow me into my bedroom.”
It was like time stopped. I just stood there in a daze watching. The way her hips swayed to and fro you would’ve thought she was on a catwalk modeling that robe and those high heels.
“Nicco!” She snapped.
“Huh?” I responded.
“Come on Nicco. I’m waiting on you baby.”
Shaking off the astonishment, I spoke. “I’ll be right there. Let me take my shoes off. You know how you are about people walking on your carpet with shoes on.” While I took my shoes off and put them on the shoe rack Trinity continued on to her room. Making my way to her room, I took a look around. She had a porno playing, a clear pink suction cup base double sided dildo sticking on the wall, two sets of handcuffs, a bottle of warming lube and a fragrant massage oil candle burning on the nightstand. She was sitting on her bed naked with just her heels on. I walked over to her and without any hesitation she pulled me towards her by my deep v-neck tee. Placing her rouge noir silky smooth lips onto mine, we kissed. Our tongue rings intertwined. The clicking noise raised the ardor. We continued to kiss letting the passion and lust run all over our bodies. She slowly slid her soft pleasant lips down to my bottom lip and sucked on it seductively. Gripping the back of her neck, I returned the pleasure by kissing her the exact way she kissed me, but with a lot more tongue. My mind is slowly fading away in to a state of pure bliss.
She pulled my sweats down to my ankles. My dick was extremely hard now and pinned down to my thigh. She ran her hand up my dick and pulled my jockey boxer briefs down. Pulling my feet out of my sweats and briefs I kicked them to the side. Next she pulled my shirt from over my head, and tossed it across the room. Standing in front of her naked with my dick fully erect she spit on it and began stroking him with her right hand. I caressed her left tittie and pinched her hard nipple gently but with enough pressure to make it erotic and very pleasurable. Bending over some and lifting her tittie up to my mouth, I began sucking, nibbling & licking all over. She gripped the back of my head. Soft moans and muffled words escaped from her vocal box turning me on even more. I pulled back releasing her tittie from my deep suction, she rubbed the head of my dick against her pierced nipple & around her areola. She held both of her titties up I began smacking her breast with my hard dick.
“Damn you are so nasty I love it… Give me more Nicco.”
Wrapping her long Burgundy wine hair around my hand, I put my hard dick right in front of her mouth. She kissed it, leaving her rogue noir lipstick on the head. Sticking her tongue out, I laid my dick on her warm moist tongue and began thrusting and rotating my hips back and forth fucking her face in an aggressive manner; just the way she liked it. Saliva and pre cum leaked from her mouth onto her titties. She gagged a couple times, pulled back, and gasped for air. Her eyes were watery and her hands were trembling. Grabbing the handcuffs; one set had a chain attached to it, I used those to cuff her wrist together. I linked the chain to the other set which I cuff her ankles together with. It was time to pull the chain from the middle and up. Her lovely smooth legs suspended in the air exposed her juicy peach. It shined and pulsated from the pleasure she just received. I could tell she had a craving for the dick; for me to invade her walls. Her pussy lips hopped around like a little bunny, enticing me to finger fuck her with my middle finger while I suck on her clit.
I let my tongue run lose all over her nectarous pussy. The taste of her blew my mind. I didn’t know a woman could quench my thirst like that. She was refreshing. Lustful words escaped her mouth to tell me how much she enjoyed it.
“Mnh Nicco! Oooooh Nicco! Ohmmm Nicco! Yes eat this pussy baby. Lick all over this candy coated pussy. Aaaahm, aaah, damn!”
Making my tongue stiff, I spread her lips apart, sliding it in and out of her pussy while still rubbing on her clit. My tongue flicked as fast as a hummingbird lapping up sweet nectar from a flower. I would nibble softly on her pussy lips every now and again to add a bit of pain with that pleasure. Her sweet liquid ran down my chin. She was very flavorsome. My mouth wouldn’t stop watering and my body continued to yearn for her more. I licked up all the sticky sweet cum that oozed out of that luscious pussy. I sucked and licked on her soaking wet pussy over and over again just like she asked. Retracing over my every move like my tongue was a pencil following the lines perfectly. It made her call out, so I did it a few more times. She was gasping for air, breathing extremely deep and I could tell she was going to cum for the fifth time.
“Mmmmmh, uuuuh, yes, fuck! Nicco I’m, I’m, I’m cumming owwww fuuuck! Oooh, ooh do that again Nicco. Ow please, ow please, ow yes, ow yes, aaaaah, you are…mmmy…fucking…mind away. Oooooh shit.”
My tongue had her stuttering and mumbling. “You want this dick?” I asked.
She got very silent I could only hear her breathing, but I continued to taste her pussy. Her head lifted up
“Damn, fuck, shit, yes Nicco! Hum oooooh, oh mmm, oaaah, aaaaah, I love you Nicco, I fucking love you.” She whipped here head too and fro as if she needed to be let loose. “Wow, wow, wow, I can’t handle this anymore please let me out of these handcuffs baby, pretty please. No more tongue, I can’t take this anymore. Oooo Nicco stop and take these handcuffs off me please…”
“Okay, okay.” Grabbing the key off of the nightstand I freed her from the handcuffs. She just laid there for a few seconds with her eyes closed, gripping the comforter. Her legs were quivering…she was biting her bottom lip and moaning…her toes were curled, and was squeezing her legs very close together. She was having what I like to call Aftershock Orgasms. After a few moments of resting, Trinity took a deep breath got up from the bed. She stumbled a little like she was drunk off many shots of 1800 coconut Tequila. She stood next to me for a moment while got her mind right.
“Sheeesh!” She shook her head. “Okay I’m ready now. I’m good. I’m good. It still feels like your tongue is fondling my pussy. Damn boy, where did you learn how to eat pussy like that?” She shook her finger and looked at me with a side eye. “You’ve been holding out on me. How could you do that to me? We’ve been fucking for a few years now. I can’t believe you. I need that more often Nicco and don’t ever hold out on me like that again.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “You are too funny. I got you. I won’t hold out anymore.”
“Ain’t nothing funny. I’m serious. You are amazing with that. And don’t get me started on how hellacious and tremendous that dick is.”
She picked up the lube from nightstand and walked over to the double sided dildo that was stuck on the wall. Pouring some all over the dildo, she spread it around while looking at me with a seductive smirk. She bent over, spread her legs some and let the dildos enter her ass and her pussy. She moaned very sensual then called me over to join her. Planting my feet shoulder length apart, I squared my body and centered my weight for balance. Sliding my dick down her throat slowly, I thrust my hips back and forth in a steady rhythm. Every time I thrust forward her body went backwards with force. The dildo repeatedly penetrated her pussy and tight ass. She moaned loudly and her legs began to tremble. Still fucking her face aggressively, pre cum and saliva covered her hands. The more she continued to suck and go deeper the more wet the floor and her arms got. Leaning forward some, I smacked her ass with my left hand followed by my right hand and then with both hands. Her back arched and she twerked and wiggled her ass on the dildo. She came real hard that time because she squirted as well. There was a gush of secretions that lay beneath her. The triple penetration sent chills all over her body, covering her with goosebumps. I pulled away and allowed her to regain her composure. Trinity moved herself over to the bed where she squeezed, kissed and licked all over the top of her ponderous titties. “Come over her Nicco and put that big dick in between these mountains of fluffy goodness.”
I wasn’t going to say no to that. Placing a few more pillows underneath her head so her head can be propped up just right, I laid my rock hard dick between her titties. “Grab that candle sweetheart and pour the warm oil all over my chest.” Eagerly I did just that; the scene was so seductive. Putting the candle up to my mouth, I blew out the flame and poured the oil on my dick and her titties. The plumpness of her boobs felt spectacular as I rubbed the oils in. She placed a hand on each breast, pushing them together in order to cover my dick. It was like a slip and slide the way my dick moved between her titties.
Rubbing my shiny dick across her areola & nipple rings, I smacked her titty and slid my dick back between her lovely lady lumps. I fucked her titties like I was fucking her pussy and ever so often my dick entered her wet mouth; her tongue would flick the head doubling the pleasure. My body tingled the way she sucked on my dick when it poked through her titties. It was an amazing feeling I had never had before. “Cum for me Nicco, put your sweet warm cum all over my face. Don’t hold back anymore, I’m ready for it.”
Pouring some of the warming lube between her titties and on my dick, when it kicked in it gave me chills. When she squeezed her titties tighter around me the feeling was very, very…very intense. Thrusting back and forth, faster, & faster, I could feel the cum getting closer and closer after each stroke. I was about to cum and she knew it. “Yes baby, let it all out. Give it here…” She pleaded. Every time I thrust forward she’ll move her titties down, every time I thrust backwards she’ll move her titties up, making me weak all over. “Here it comes, here it comes! Move them titties. Yes, move them titties girl.” She released her titties and I began stroking my dick as fast as I could cumming all over her gorgeous face.
Just like a kitten with milk, she lapped up the rest of the cum that seeped from the head of my dick with her tongue. The smell of her sweet pussy had my body yearning for more. So I followed the scent. Kissing her titties slowly I worked my way back below her waist to her edible candy like treat. My taste buds were craving her sweet water, plus I want to hear Trinity beg me to let her go. So I began leaving irresistible trails of kisses all over her stomach and circling my tongue around her bellybutton. I made it pass her waistline and asked her if she was ready for me, because I was about to get back to some good ol’ fashion eating…


Lynnette’s marvelous frame persuaded me to begin licking her body leisurely. Kissing her neck and working my way to her ear, the natural line around her luscious lips needed some attention as well. I kissed her gently; getting her comfortable and ready to open up freely. Her body language revealed how passionately attracted she is to me, and how she has been craving my ravenous touch. Slowly I undress her and she undresses me.
I know how much Lynnette likes the harmony of give and take. However, she’s used to giving and never receiving. But me, I’m a pleaser too a fault. I care more about her feelings than I do my own. It is my job to make sure she cums over and over again until her body is completely consumed by my essence.
The many faces of pleasure she makes turn me on. Only I don’t get to cum until she tells me to. When we first started having sex I wouldn’t even bust. I would just get up; leaving her lying there with her face in the pillow, breathing deeply, and her body exhausted from the elevated levels of indulgence.
And that’s why she gives the pussy to me…I know she has a man but I can’t leave her alone. She has my heart, all of it! I’m working on trying not to please her as much; because knowing she’s not completely mine doesn’t sit well… it’s complicated.

I laid her down slowly on top of my all black silk sheets. Maneuvering my tongue down her neck and to her hard, gumdrop nipples. They look so sweet. Licking, sucking and gently nibbling on her left nipple, I release and watch it spring back like a coil. Working my way down her mid section with zealous kisses, I pass her belly button. Once I reached her sticky shores, I took a dip! Using my left and right pointer fingers I spread her lips apart. Licking around her sugary walls never fail; she taste so sweet. My tongue went up and down; clockwise and counters, just to warm things up. Pushing her legs back toward her head, I start to suck on her clit. Contracting my cheeks to the point where they almost touch.
She went crazy…grabbing the sheets all tight. I sucked on her pussy lips and pulled on her clit rings gently; flicking my tongue from time to time but I know sucking on her clit and those plump pussy lips is what she loves the most.

“Eat this pussy, Nicco, show me how much you love this pussy. Keep giving me that incredible, unnn-tth-tthinkable, loving pleasure…give me more Nicco… Mmmah, mnahh yes, ohmmm, uhuhoh, oooooooh DAMN BOY!”

I pulled  her  to the edge of the bed and decided to show her how much I really love her pussy. Placing her legs on my shoulders I told her to hold on. Pussy all in my face; once again licking, sucking, moving my tongue up and down and side to side. She begins to move her hips in a circular motion. I can taste her sweet filling as it oozed down my chin. Her body tensed up slightly just before she went limp and squirted in my mouth. I swallowed most of it and what I wasn’t able to swallow dripped down the side of my face. Sliding down the ripples of my six-pack, her pussy and ass rested on my waistline; her legs resting on my arms…I thrust forward, tossing Lynette in the air. My long hard dick entered her pussy.
While aggressively biting her bottom lip, sultry moans surfaced from somewhere deep within. Holding her up by her hands, I tossed Lynette in the air. My dick met the slippery entrance of her pussy every time she came back down. Our bodies crash together making loud smacking noises. Squatting down a little lower I bounced her around, around, tossing her up and down on my hard dick continuously.

“Nicco…Nicco…Nicco…Hmm yes Nicco! Your dick feels soooo…Aaahmmm…aaahhh, ooooh shit! I’m cuuuummmming…aaaaaaagain…ooooh, aaahh…Oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh, Oh…Owwww, Fuck! Here it comes again…Ow o wow, baby I can’t take anymore put me down I’m weak.”

She was so wet; I think this was the wettest she’s ever been. There is no way I would be stopping now. I laid her down rotating my hips in a circular motion…360s…grinding…making sure my dick goes super deep. I slowed down to let her catch her breath and that’s when she yelled out. “Nicco take this pussy…fuck me hard! Get rough with it, you know how I like it!”

I pulled her legs back, fucking her face to face. I had to see all those lovely expressions of pleasure. Turning my body around, with my dick still inside, I put my right leg on her left leg and my left leg on her right leg, then pressed her legs down with mines. The pussy is higher in the air now. Slowly I long-deep stroked the pussy…my dick exiting just to the tip of my head and entering her wetness. I touched every spot from the back of her pelvic wall to the complete circumference of her cervix.  I grab her by the waste, pulling her ass up in the air just a little more, to give Lynette a sexual stimulation  I had never shown her before. Gripping her waist, our bodies hit harder and harder with each heave. Legs still by her head and dick still in the pussy, I stood above her and held her waist tightly as I flipped her body through my legs and into the doggstyle position. I put my palm in the small of her back and pushed down so crucial her arch looked contorted. I commenced to beat the pussy up, showing no mercy at all.

“I can’t cum anymore Nicco…I-I-I, I can’t take all that thick dick digging into my precious pussy no more. You’ve hit every spot more than twice. Please… please…pleeeaasssee I can’t take anymore.”
“Shut up! I’m not hearing that. Yes, you can cum again. You better cum again…and if you can’t you know what to say. Play like you don’t know if you want to…”

I continued going hard. So hard I blacked out…pulling her hair, smacking her ass with both hands, fucking her from the side, twisting her into a pretzel and finally turning her back over onto her stomach. We went for hours; me giving her multiple orgasms and Lynette pleading for me to let her regain some sort of control. It was the same few sentences over and over. Her once loud and demanding screams were now soft and submissive. “Baby cum…”

“Are you sure? Did you get enough?”
Different spots of the sheets were soaking wet and half off the bed. She never did say she had enough, so I slept in her for the rest of the loving night…only to wake up the next morning and finish what I started.

Alki Beach

I picked up my phone to call Amira. Tonight is the night I will show her how I truly feel about her. I dialed her number and after three rings she picked up sounding a bit flustered. “Hello! Who is this?” “It’s Nicco. You better stop playing like you don’t have my number saved in your phone. You know my picture popped up girl.” “I’m just playing with you Nicco my love… What are you doing?” “I just got dressed. I’m getting ready to leave my house real soon. But I need you to do me a big, big favor though…” “What would that be Nicco?” “I need you to meet me at Alki Beach at 7 o’clock and no later. I have a surprise for you. Put on something real nice but make sure you dress warm.” “Okay, I can do that. See you when I get there… Hold on! What are you up to Nicco?” “Just be at Alki Beach at 7 o’clock.” I hung up the phone. The big stuff was already in the trunk, so I double checked my bags to make sure I had everything needed for the wonderful plan waiting for her. I ran back inside the house to check one more time wanting to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I can be very forgetful at times. Looking at my watch I only had 3 hours to get everything ready. I started the car up and pulled out the driveway. Flying down Interurban Ave, passing 7-Eleven, Great American Casino, the Golden Nugget and the golf course, I hoped the female I just started fucking around with in the Forest Green Apt. didn’t see me driving pass. Running through the yellow light to get on I-5, I pushed down on the gas pedal and hit 85 mph like it was nothing. Weaving in and out traffic pretending I was on a high-speed chase with the SPD. Time was ticking. Merging onto I-5 north, I slowed down some to take exit 163 onto the West Seattle Bridge. Hitting the gas again I switched lanes; going around cars that were in my way and slowing me down. Taken the exit for Admiral Way I made a slight right onto Habor St hitting Alki Ave. Passing Jack Black Park and the Alki trail, I rode slowly down the straightaway passing Salty’s. No need to rush anymore I’m here now. I parked in between a black Dodge Ram truck and a forest green Mini Cooper on 58th, right across the street from Dukes Chowder House. I put the car in park and popped the trunk. The table came out first. I placed it in a nice area on the beach, unfolding the legs and making sure it was sturdy. I grabbed the chairs out the trunk next and set them sturdy in the sand as well. Everything was looking even so far. I ran back to the car to grab the rest of the things. All-white Venus table lining covered the table top. Red trimming around the edges added a splash of color to the scene. I sprinkled the table and sandy beach with silky timeless red and pink rose petals. The champagne stand was set up next. I covered the bottom of the stand with sand just to be safe. We don’t need that to fall over. Putting a bottle of Angel Brut magnum black and a bottle of Vintage Brut magnum platinum in the bucket I covered them with ice. She’s going to love those. I set the table next. On each side of the table sat a Riedel champagne flute. An all-white grape leaf plate was placed in the middle of the table. I looked at my watch. I had an hour in half left. I threw more rose petals all over the concrete and down to the walkway, leaving a trail of petals to the table. Grabbing one of the bags that only had candles in it; I put multiple small round candles down, two at time. Slowly walking backwards I set one on my left and one on my right until I gently bumped the table. The rest were made into a capital I, a heart shape and a capital U in the sand beside the table. Things were looking just right; all I needed to do now was light them. I neatly organized a full dozen of gourmet swizzle strawberries onto the grape leaf plate. I covered them a glass dome so no bugs would get on them. I threw the empty bags in the car and grab her gift from the front seat. I hope she likes what I’ve done for her. What am I saying? Of course she is going to like it. I’m good at seducing women and romance is my specialty. Just as I began to contemplate her feelings for me, my phone started to ring. It was her! My heart skipped a beat and a warm sensation flushed through me. I began to light the candles while I spoke to her. “Hi, where are you? Don’t tell me you are going to be late.” “No, I’m not going to be late Nicco. Don’t panic. I was calling to see where you parked at. I’m here.” “Okay good, you had me nervous. My car is going to be to your right, in between the forest green Mini Cooper and the black Dodge truck. There is a parking space in front of the truck.” “Okay.” I continued to light the candles as fast as I could. I checked over everything one last time before running up a few stairs to greet her on the sidewalk. She had on a teal and black double breasted wool trench coat. She had it button all the way up with the collar bent just right. Black leggings covered her amazing thighs and black leather booties were on her feet. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. So deeply I could feel nothing but love from her lips. She left her favorite lipstick, a Crushed Plum by Bobbie Brown, on my lips for a few seconds before she brushed it off with her thumb. “Nicco, I’m so happy to see you and that I get to spend some time with you.” I flashed a handsome smile, “Likewise, beautiful, likewise. You know I love to be around you no matter what time it is. I would drop everything I’m doing if ever you needed me.” “Oh, is that right Nicco?” She seemed surprised. “You always know what to say to keep me smiling.” “Girl, you know it’s true.” “Yes, I know I know.” “Give me your hand and close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.” She looked at me with a side eye. “What are you up to Nicco?” She asked as she closed her eyes and gave me her hand. “Are you looking? No peeking Amira.” “No Nicco, I can’t see a thing. You better not let me fall or run into anything.” “Girl, stop you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” I carefully guided her to the few steps we had to go down to reach the sand. I said, “Okay, you ready? “Yes, I’m ready.” “Okay, good. Now step down.” She raised her foot up in the air some and bent her knee but didn’t move. She looked like she was auditioning for a Captain Morgan’s commercial. I held my laugh in so she wouldn’t open her eyes. She let her foot down and stood very still on the second step. I pulled on her hand ever so gently. “Step down again.” and she did the same thing as she did before. But this time I had to laugh. “Put your foot down, silly. Now step forward just keep walking forward.” “Don’t laugh at me Nicco.” But she couldn’t help but laugh too. “Are we almost there yet? I’m very anxious to see what you have been up to.” “Yes, we’re almost there. Just a few more feet and we’ll be there. Keep your eyes closed.” I let her hand go and stood beside her. “You can open your eyes now.” She opened her eyes and covered her mouth. She stood there in awe. She didn’t move. She didn’t say a word. She just turned and looked at me with tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong Amira?” I asked. Tears began to fall down her angelic face. “All of this is for me Nicco? It’s not my birthday, it’s not Valentine’s Day, shit we’re not even together yet. I’ve never gotten a surprise like this before. You have rose petals all over the beach. I’m even standing on Rose petals. The table is decorated nicely. You have chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and look a teddy bear. She walked over and picked up the mini blue bear that sat next to the matching Tiffany & Co. jewelry box. I got it for free when I purchased her gift. “Awww, it’s so cute! Thank you, thank you, so much Nicco, you are so sweet to me. This is like something you would see in the movies or read about in romance novels.” Amira turned and ran back to me with her arms wide. She held me tightly and kissed me all over my face dozens times. I held her and squeezed her back. It was the perfect time to look her in the eyes and tell her exactly how I felt. “You are more than welcome, Amira. I appreciate everything you have done for me. You have always been there for me. You listen to my problems. You support me. You kept my head above water when I feel like I’m drowning. You’ve helped me with a lot of the ideas that have made me successful in my career. You have always believed in me and you’ve stayed loyal to me even though we are not in a relationship. I won’t just ignore that and act like you’re not an amazing woman in my eyes. I’ve let many great women like you go and admit I didn’t know how to settle down. But, I know that I don’t ever want to hurt you and I’m willing to give you my best. I can’t keep making the same mistakes. So I am going to treat you like a real woman should be treated. Come with me and let’s enjoy this lovely night. There is more to come.” Helping her take off her coat, I placed it on the back of the chair. “Please take a seat and enjoy this prodigious view of the city with me. We’ll watch the sun go down and let the moon shine over us. I like your red flannel. You know red is my favorite color?” She giggled and cooed “Oh, Nicco.” I popped the first bottle of Angel champagne. We watched the cork fly from the bottle and shoot in the air towards the water. When the bottle finished smoking I filled our glasses to the brim. “Thank you so much Nicco. This is so romantic and relaxing. I am going to always tell the story of this amazing night and how you won my heart. Oh, and by the way, you look really handsome this evening with your clean white button-up and your khaki and brown windowpane sport coat. Those chocolate brown leather boots and your denim True Religions jeans, you think you fly huh? What kind of cologne is that you’re wearing?” “Thank you, I try my best, you know? It’s L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.” I removed the glass dome from the chocolate covered strawberries and picked up one that was covered in white chocolate. Standing beside her, teasing her lips and slowly feeding her, I caressed the back of her neck. Her head swiveled and leaned back slowly. I had to kiss her! I returned to my chair “Let’s toast to this lovely night.” We raised our glasses and touched them together. After taking a few sips I spoke. “Come. take a walk with me along the water.” We rose and she took my hand. I made sure to grab the Tiffany box on the slid so she wouldn’t see me. We walked in silence for a while admiring the calmness we were experiencing. It wasn’t an awkward silence at all. We stopped for a moment at the boathouse. “The moon looks amazing tonight but it holds no merit when it comes to your beauty.” I said as took my sport coat off and put it over her shoulders. I held her in my arms as we looked at the view of downtown Seattle. “What’s on your mind, Amira? You have been really quiet the past 20 minutes or so. Is everything alright?” She turned to me. “I apologize, I’m fine Nicco. I’m just speechless. This night is breathtaking and I’m so grateful…I love you Nicco. I knew you were the man of my dreams.” We kissed and a heated passion flowed though us. Our tongues intertwine and our embrace was sensual. I ran my fingers through her hair. Her body felt like butter to my muscular hands. She jumped on top of me and we fell back onto the sand. She sat on top me and I could feel my dick starting to rise. I was so caught up in excitement; I forgot to pull out the jewelry box. I had to stop her before I lost all control and began sexing her right there on the beach. I pushed her back gently. She just sat there staring at me. I pulled the jewelry box out of my pocket and showed it to her. Her eyes lit up like a child’s would on Christmas day. I opened it and pulled out a platinum necklace with an Amethyst dream catcher pendant. She leaned back down slowly and put her breast right in my face. It was hard to control myself and her eagerness of wanting me inside of her almost made me forget we had to get ready and leave at this very moment or we would be late. I whispered in her ear, “We have to stop and get ready to leave. I have a few more surprises for you.” She looked at me with her surprised face. “There’s more?” she asked. “Yes, this is going to be a night we won’t ever forget. You’re special to me and I want you to know just how much.” She slid off of me and just sat on the beach. I stood up and held out my hands “Come love, let’s go. I have to put all this stuff back in my car. We can finish that bottle of champagne on the way. And we still have one that we haven’t opened yet. Get in and ride with me we can leave your car here.” We packed everything back in the car. With me carrying the big things Amira took care of the little things. We headed downtown to the pier. “Where are we going Nicco? You have me all hot and ready now. I want you so bad. She is going crazy; throbbing and screaming for you to invade her. She needs your full undivided attention and love.” She removed her jacket as if was restricting her. She rubbed her pussy with one hand and grabbed her tiity with the other. She moaned and looked at me with lust filled eyes. “Play with her while you drive. I want you to feel how wet you’ve made her. Let me cum all over your fingers, Nicco.” We kissed and I handed her the half empty bottle of champagne. “Buckle up, make sure you don’t spill that while I’m keeping you happy. We still have another one to finish the in the trunk so don’t sip too fast.” She looked at me and took the bottle to the head. “Come on, let’s finish this bottle off. There’s not that much left.” She handed me the bottle and I finished it off. We kissed again and it was intoxicating in more ways than one. “Pull those leggings down so once I get on the freeway I can start caressing her.” She pulled her pants down and I pulled off, flying down the straightaway. I made a left at the traffic light and got on the west Seattle Bridge. Using my steering wheel to control the music, I played some Gerald Levert. “What song is that Nicco? I like it. It says exactly what I want you to do to me.” I turned the music up some. “It’s called Wear It Out by Gerald Levert.” I switched over into the far left lane so I can get on WA Hwy 99. I could tell by the look on her face how eager she was to have me touch her so I wasted no time putting my hand in between her warm legs. I began by rubbing on her juicy lips in a counter clockwise motion. Moans and stuttering sounds seeped through her pouting lips. I slipped my middle finger inside her warm, ripe peach. She slid the seat all the way back, slouched down and spread her legs just enough for my hand to fit comfortably in her crevasse. She was gripping the bottle of champagne like someone was trying to snatch it out of her hand. I let my pointer finger join the fun and splashing sounds were made from my fingers going in and of her wetness. “Ni, Ni, Ni, Nicco I’m getting ready to cuuuuum. Oh shit, here it comes… Ooooooh, mmmh, uuuh.” Her eyes closed, and her body trembled while Gerald Levert ‘Let the Juices Flow” bellowed through the JBL speakers. I removed my hand from between her legs and licked all her silky sweet juices off my fingers. She tastes so exquisite. Her juices had my mouthwatering and my tongue wanting more. Exiting the West Seattle Bridge and merging onto WA Hwy 99, we were getting closer to the waterfront. We drove down Western Ave looking for a parking spot that wasn’t too far from the pier. Her lips were trembling; she must still be having aftershocks. We parked under the bridge. Getting out of the car, I walked around to the passenger side and opened her door. “How are you feeling? Are you okay to walk? I saw your lips trembling.” She giggled, “You hush! And yes I’m fine thank you.” “Are you forgetting something?” I asked. “What?” She shot back. I laughed, “Umm…your pants, are you going to put them on?” She looked down at her legs. “Oh those…No! Hopefully I can catch a cool breeze and calm her down.” I shook my head and said no more. We walked down the Elliot Bay trail towards Ivar’s Acres of Clams. People were out enjoying themselves on this dry but windy night. It wasn’t too cold or misty out either so a lot of people were on the waterfront. There was a long line at Ivar’s; they stay packed, always serving people delicious seafood and warm clam chowder. Passing all the nice restaurants and gift shops along the Pier we made our way to the Seattle Great Wheel. “Oh no Nicco, I’m not getting in that thing.” Amira clinched up and squeezed my arm. “Don’t be like that Amira, I have something waiting for you up there.” I tried to pull her along but she wasn’t really budging. “But Nicco I’m scared of heights.” She tried to walk backwards but I wouldn’t let her go. “It will be alright. I promise you’ll love it.” I took her by both of her hands and looked her right in the eyes. “Take a few deep breaths. Come on.” We breathed together and I asked her “Do you trust me?” “But of course I do Nicco.” “Do you want to end this night early?” She looked at me cross but thought about it. “No I do not Nicco.” “Baby, we must go on the ride for you to see the next part of our spectacular night. I won’t let anything happen… and hey just in case we do fall to our death we’ll be together.” And I chuckled. She smacked the back of my arm, “That’s not funny Nicco. You better not let anything happen to me.” I pulled her close and put my arm around her shoulder. “I won’t let anything happen to you, promise.” We walked up to the long line but we didn’t stand in it. I ushered Amira to the front, “Stay right here, I have to talk to the conductor.” I walked up to the conductor and gave him my name. He made a call to his boss, a friend of mine from high school. “Alright Mr. Copper you two can board in this next group. Now we’re going to let it go around three times then stop the wheel when your gondola is at the very top.” I shook the man’s hand and thanked him. I walked back to Amira who stood there looking up at the big wheel trying to find the courage to get on. I asked her “You sure you’re alright?” She looked at me with terrified eyes and coolly replied “Yep!” I smiled at her and replied “Good, cause we’re up next.” We climbed inside the gondola and sat next to one another. She held my hand tightly and looked around as if she were a scared little girl. The way her lips pouted out and the vulnerability in her eyes was enough to make any man jump in front of a bullet. Wanting to save her, I kissed her on the cheek to calm her down as we started to move. The grip Amira had on my hand got tighter and tighter the further we went up. Letting her eyes get lost in the distance between us and the ground, I slowly took my hand and turned her chin toward me. To get her comfortable I began with a little kissing, letting our tongues intertwine. Sucking and pulling back some, our tongues slow danced. I unbuttoned her coat and then her shirt. Her breast sat perfectly in the Gilly Hicks bra she wore. I wasn’t shocked and was turned on even more thinking to myself…There goes my baby.

I put my hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Sucking on her left tittie, I slid my hand between her legs and began finger fucking her gently. Letting my fingers get all sticky from her sweet sappy fluids, she dripped from her pussy like a leaky faucet. The moans and groans Amira made were music to my ears. The passion of love was floating all around us. We couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. Amira unbutton my jeans and I lifted up some to make it easier for her to pull them down to my ankles. My dick was standing tall waiting for her undivided attention. She ran her tongue up the base of my dick and kissed the tip. She didn’t waste any time swallowing me, letting me know she wanted my hard dick to hit the back of her throat. She went up and down while she stroked me with both hands. It was stupefying, the feelings she was sending through my body were unreal.

“Oh shit! Yes Amira keep working this dick. Get it even wetter, spit all over this dick baby. Get sloppy with it. It’s okay. Ooooooh shit! Damn! Do that again just like that.” My right leg wouldn’t stop shaking. “Yes just like that. Tap me twice if you want this dick baby…” She kept sucking and sucking. “You want this dick Amira?” I asked her again. She tapped me twice and slowly sucked her way up off the dick. Grabbing her by the back of her head I kissed her like I was never going to see her again. I could tell my feelings were very deep for here and I was going to try my hardest to stick around and not run from them.

I finally opened my eyes. Amira was no longer thinking about how high in the air we were. She climbed on top of me. The way her soaking wet pussy hugged my dick gave me chills up my spin. She bounced up and down while I palmed her nice round ass with both of my hands. She moved her hips side to side and back and forth grinding all over me. Just then my final surprise lit up the sky. Fireworks went off left and right. Amira was shocked and looked around, eyes bright and unafraid. I pointed over to the left and the finale was her name written in the sky with purple fireworks. That’s when she lost it.

“Ooooh Nicco! This is amazing. Ah ah ah and you feel so goooood, Nicco. Oh shit, mmmah, yes I love this dick! Mnh, mnh, mnh, ohmmmm I’m getting ready to cum, getting ready to cum all on your dick. Don’t move it’s right there, it’s right there, right there, right there, here it comes uhuhoh ooooooh. Ni-cc-co.”

Her body began trembling and she held me tight her heartbeat was racing faster than before and her breathing had gotten deeper. She gathered herself and turned around into the cowgirl position without getting off the dick. She held on to the empty seat in front of us, leaning over and popping her pussy. She leaned up with her back facing me still. I squeezed both her breast while thrusting my dick back and forth hitting all her spots. Swaying my body with hers, every time her slippery wet pussy came sliding down I pushed my hip towards her and it was driving her crazy. The fireworks show was just about over.

“Oooooh yes. Nicco don’t hold your cum back anymore baby I want you to cum for me. I want you to explode all in this watery pussy. I want to feel your warm cum release inside me.” I love the way she was talking dirty. “Let it out Nicco cum in this pussy that you adore so much. Come on Nicco, let it out baby.”

I couldn’t respond she had me speechless. That’s when she went even faster. My body got stiff and started shaking like I had been hit with a Taser gun, full force. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I gripped her waist tight with both hands. For a few seconds my body still trembled from my detonation inside of her. I finally opened my eyes and we were starting our descent to the bottom of the Great Wheel. I thought we had one more go around but I guess not. The pleasure she was giving me was so overwhelming I got lost and forgot where we were for a second. She had my body floating on clouds and my mind in a totally different place. We got out of the gondola fixing ourselves up. We gave each other a kiss and laughed about the great adventure we shared together. There was a crowd of people standing around looking at us and whispering about what we were doing. Many were taking pictures on their cell phones and smiling like little kids that were up to something.

A Day in the Life

It was summertime here in Seattle; June 20th to be exact. I woke up slightly, not really knowing where I was. It seemed to be early in the morning and I couldn’t help but notice that I had a huge headache. Yep, I was definitely hung over. I went out to the SHOWBOX last night; E-40 was here rockin’ the crowd. I’m not sure how I made it home. Hope I didn’t drive. I forced myself up from the couch and took a look around the room; at least I was in my own home. All I have on is one sock. I felt a cool breeze flowing through the air. Like a window was open or something? l took a quick look around.  It was my balcony door. What the hell was my balcony door doing open? I searched around for some hoop shorts. It was cold as hell in my condo.

 As I walked over to close the sliding door, I saw a number of condoms everywhere. This was strange but not unusual. Was there someone here? I scratched my head as I closed the door and tried real hard to remember the events of the previous evening. I rubbed my chin and lifted my head to think. Just then my eyes locked on a pair of black v-string panties and a demi bra hanging from my ceiling fan. I looked down and next to the foot of the couch was a pair of brown Kenneth Cole heels. I looked over to my left and there were some pink lace trimmed cheeky panties on the back of my dining room chair and a black and gold studded leather dress under the table.

I looked over to the couch and saw half a foot lingering from under a pile of blankets. Shaking my head, I mumbled ‘you can’t keep getting drunk like this.’ Who was that? What did I get myself into last night? I was really nervous now. My recollection was horrible. I remember drinking a bottle of Ciroc at JP’s house before we hit the club. I was hesitant to pull the covers back. I wasn’t quite sure what was under there. Oh I hope I didn’t bring home some mud duck; then again that’s never been my style. So please, please, please don’t make me have to do like Jamie Foxx and blame it on the liquor. Maybe I should make my fire alarm go off and yell “Fire, fire, fire” like Marlin Wayne’s did on the movie Mo’Money; toss her a few bucks for cab fare while she’s running out the house buck naked. Hahaha! That wouldn’t be right. I’m too much of a gentleman to do that, even if she is ugly.

I crept up slowly. Starting at the feet, I pulled back my huge goose down comforter. . I was a little upset about it being off of my bed, I hope cum isn’t all over it. Pulling until I exposed her feet, I was happy to see they weren’t all jacked up. I don’t do ugly feet. It’s a major turn off for me. I let out a sigh of relief. Okay, I can continue now. Revealing the rest of her body, I patted myself on the back, little mamma had a fat ass. I took a deep breath before I looked at her face. Shit, her feet could be nice and her ass could be huge, but if the face is buckled then damn it’s still a fail. My heart was pounding hard; here goes nothing.

To my surprise it was Tina, my high school crush. She must have been really intoxicated last night, because with all my moving around, she didn’t budge. Just then I remembered there were two sets of panties. Who else was here and where the hell were they? I walked around the whole condo. I looked in my room, in the bathrooms and the tubs. I checked all the closets and even the balcony again. I couldn’t figure it out. Just then the pile of blankets moved. What the hell was going on? I walked back over to the couch, but this time I was super sneaky. I peeked under the covers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was another female under there. I wanted to jump for joy, but it seemed too cheesy. Instead I just thanked the Lord for not letting me be so careless that I brought some random chicks home. I still wanted to know who she was though. Her long black hair was covering her face and I couldn’t tell.  Whoever she was though would have to wait. My day must continue and I can’t be slowed down by this. As long as she wasn’t ugly I could live with that for right now. I cut on the T.V. in the living room and walked out.

 It was time to get dressed. I walked into my bedroom and shut the door behind me. These chicks get no part of this routine. I pulled out a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs and a fresh pair of hoop shorts. I took my morning piss, and cut the shower on. I washed my ass and brushed my teeth before I started in on breakfast. I’m not completely a dick; I made enough for the ladies as well. It really was time for them to get there shit together though. They can’t be lying around my house all day. My maid will be coming soon to clean all this shit up.

I set the table before I woke them; bacon, eggs, pancakes, and a bowl of fruit. Grabbing Tina by the toes, I wiggled her gently “wake up sleepy head.” She moaned, rolled over and wiped her right eye “Morning Nicky.”

“Good morning Tina. Hey, who is that lying next to you?” 

She laughed, “I know huh, we had a wild night.” She laughed again “But that’s Scherrie. Do you remember Scherrie from high school? Everyone called her Bunny.”

I had to think for a minute but I couldn’t put the two together. I pretended I remembered her anyway though. “Oh yeah, Bunny. Well, wake her up. I cooked breakfast. Orange juice is on the counter along with coffee and cream. I have to go get dressed.” I went back to my room to iron my clothes. After getting dressed I sprayed on some Vera Wang and grabbed my keys. By the time I was done, the ladies had eaten, dressed themselves, and were on the couch watching T.V. They were chatting up the details of the night before. “Good morning Bunny. You ladies ready to go?”

Scherrie smiled big, flashing her pearly whites. “Good morning Nicco. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, almost too good. So where am I taking you ladies to?”

Tina spoke before Bunny could say anything. “Yes, babe, can you take us to my house?” That was a wonderful idea. I only had to make one stop. I happily to reply with, “Sure, no problem.” We all got in my Audi R8. It wasn’t raining in Seattle that day so I dropped the top and we dipped out. On the way to Tina’s house we chopped it up and reminisced about the old days in high school. After high school Tina and I both found good jobs. Bunny however had a few kids and a couple bad relationships that have her now living with Tina…her kids are with their fathers. Tina lives in Bellevue. That was about a twenty-minute drive from where I live, which is Downtown Seattle. We pulled up in front of Tina’s house. It was a nice two-story; gray with white trim and a white picket fence. There was a huge wrap around porch on the second floor.

Bunny thanked me for last night and went in the house first. Tina lingered behind to finish up our conversation, and exchange numbers before we parted. She leaned in, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Nicky, last night was very interesting. I didn’t know you got down like that. We have to hook up again sometime. Just me and you though.”

I’m not sure if I really want to get involved with this chick like that. But I told her I would give her a call. She got out the car and blew me a kiss.

“Nicco, don’t leave yet.”

I couldn’t hear what she said. Rolling the window down I asked “ what did you say?”

She stuck her head in the window “Don’t leave yet, hold up on let me change into something more comfortable I’m not done talking to you I’ll be back out here in no time… Give me a sec please.”

“Alright, I’ll wait.” I put the car back into park and cut it off.

When she came back outside her honey brown hair was hanging pass her shoulders. She had on some booty shorts, combat boots and a white tank top with no bra on her left nipple piercing was poking through her tank top looking so seductive. I was trying my hardest not to stare but it was too tempting not to. She opened the door and slid in.

“So Nicco I told you don’t leave yet because I wasn’t done talking to you. To be truly honest, my body’s not done with you just yet. I’m still yearning for you and my mouth is watering for the sweet, sweet way you taste. I need you right now. I know you have a little more time for me.”

“When are you trying to link back up?”

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I need you right now!”

She pulled her hair up high and put it in a ponytail with the hair tie she had around her wrist. She leaned over my seat and crossed over my body. She pushed the button to lay my seat all the way back then kissed me and nibble on my neck. Her hand went down my pants. After the second lick and nibble on my neck my dick was hard and ready. She pulled my dick out, kissed the tip and rolled her tongue around the head. She licked the base up and down very slowly. Teasing me with her tongue tricks, she got things nice and wet. The pillow like lips and warm soothing mouth around my hard, thick, throbbing dick made my nuts tingle. Her lips tighten as she slowly worked her way down the base of my shaft. Sucking in deeply, she went down and up and pulled back quickly. She stared at him for a few seconds.

“Why you stop, what’s the matter?” I asked

“Oh nothing, I’m fine.”

She went back to work. This time she really got into it. Going down and up, up and down stroking me with her right hand at the same time. The tight pressure that she made while contracting her mouth made me squirm. I was at a loss for words. The feeling was so overwhelming. Her mouth was very watery and dripping down my dick. She went a little faster bobbing her head up and down and moving both of her hands to this rhythm she had going in her head. She was spitting all over my dick and smacking her lips with the tip. She went deep, deep throating every inch of me… My body got stiff and was jerking like I got shocked.

“Oooooooh shit, yes! Do it again! Go deep again. Take every inch of me again. Damn that felt so good. Don’t stop baby, don’t stop. You have me weak all over. My leg won’t stop shaking. Fuck! You are doing your thing. I need this more often you are blowing my mind.”

 The pleasure was highly intense. I grab her ponytail and begin to thrust my hips fucking her face going deeper and deeper tapping the back of her throat with every aggressive stroke. She gagged a few times. She slurped up all the saliva and pre cum that was dripping down my hard long dick and spit it all back on me rubbing it all around with her hands caressing and stroking me. Saliva and pre cum had her hands shinning and glazed. She had one hand on the bottom and the other hand covering the top she was doing different moves with her hands giving me nothing but chills all over my body.“Put him back in your mouth. Suck on him until I explode like an M80 on the fourth of July.” She put her mouth over me and began to go hard. She wasn’t holding anything back.“Yes, yes, keep sucking on this dick like that. Don’t stop baby, just like that”

 Leaning up a little, I tried to get my mind right some. She had my thoughts and mind all scrambled up. I put a hand over my face and began breathing hard and feeling oh so weak. It was like she was sucking my soul out of me. Biting my bottom lip I grabbed one of her titties. My body was warm all over I couldn’t handle the sensation of the amazing pleasure she was giving me. She went even deeper than before and didn’t gag this time. Her soft wet lips touched my pelvis. She then started to swallow me. Her throat made a wave like motion. Pulling back, she gasped letting some fresh air go down her throat. Pre cum and saliva ran down out her mouth on chin and onto her white tank top. It was soaking wet on the chest area.

“Nicco cum for me baby. Let it all out. I want that warm delicious cum all in my mouth. Don’t hold back anymore Nicco I want it all. So let it all out and give it here. Melt in my mouth like some Ghirardelli.” She wasn’t joking at all when she told me she wanted me to cum and wanted it all. Her head was bobbing way faster before and she was moving her hands faster just as well I really couldn’t handle any of this… Moans were seeping out of my mouth grabbing all of her breasts tightly. I let my body relax more. She removed her hands and went deep none stop not taking any breaks.

“Ooooooooh shit, your head feels so good. I’m getting ready to cum. Keep doing that. Faster! Faster! Oh my fucking gosh here it comes! Here it fucking comes! sighm, uuhhhh, uuhhh, fuck!” My body kept twitching like I was having some kind of spasms my breathing was heavy and I couldn’t move a muscle. She grab the bottom of my dick real tight and squeezed it has she moved her hand up the base of my dick rubbing her lips against the rest of the cum that was at the tip of my head. She spit the cum back onto my dick and slurp it all back up again that had me twitching even more she blew a cum bubble and swallowed every last drop of that was in her mouth.

“You taste so delicious Nicco. You’re creamy flavor and silky smoothness sure does delight my taste buds; warming all my senses and insides. I want to do this again with you maybe sometime next week. But next time I want that thick dick inside my wet tight pussy just you and I. No Scherri! She has to wait. She can join again after you and I have a little more fun one on one.”

She took off her tank top, wiped me down and told me to call or text her later on. She got out of the car. That woman had a mean walk. I know she could feel me staring at her. I drove away, turned up my music and headed back to Seattle. It was time to get my hair cut. I had an appointment at Earl’s Cuts-n-Styles in a half an hour. I put the petal to the metal and got there within twenty-five minutes. When I walked in my favorite chair was waiting for me. I always feel like a million bucks when I get a fresh cut. Brooklyn Tony always hooks me up. I enjoy going to the barbershop and hearing all the stories that get told. I tell stories sometimes but today I just listened. I didn’t want the fellas to know that much about me and the wild shit I be doing and getting myself into.

After I left the barbershop I stopped at Catfish Corner to order one pound of catfish, some of the best sweet tea I have ever had, a few hush puppies and a small fries. They have the best catfish in town, hands down. I picked a table by a window so I could watch life while I ate lunch. I made a few phone calls to a couple of the homies to see what was good for the night. I wanted to take one last ride through Seattle with my top down, while the sun was still out. Seattle doesn’t get that many sunny days. I had to take advantage.




Bedtime Story

It’s been a long hard day at work and I miss my wife. Because my work requires that I travel a lot, I call her a lot. I always try to remind her of the wonderful times we’ve shared together and how much I miss her.

Mostly so she knows I’m actually working and not out chasing tail. Plus, her voice turns me on. I know she enjoys our conversations, but I think tonight I’m going switch it up on her and see where it goes. Taking a seat on the hotels bed, I am reminded of how much time I don’t sleep in my own bed. I prop up a few pillows and get comfortable before I call home. 

The phone rings a few times and then Angel’s voice echoed in my head.

“Hello darling, how was your day?” It was the sweetest sound I had ever heard. Butterflies filled my stomach. “It was one of those days, sweetheart; where I couldn’t do anything right. I woke up twenty minutes late. During the meeting for the Bradford case, I spilled tea all over the depositions, and on my way back to the hotel I gave the cab driver too much money.” 

“Well, don’t let that bother you sweetie.” Angel said optimistically.

But it didn’t really bother me. I absolutely love the way she’s so concerned with how well I’m dealing with life’s mishaps.

“There are other things you do well. You just had an off day.”

I chuckled a little and replied “Kind of like that day back in 07’ when I was late for dinner at the Moonshine? Do you remember?” 

“No. What happened? Did I yell at you?” She enjoys story time just as much as I do.

“You were mad at first. But after I explained how work had kept me late, you were somewhat forgiving. We got through dinner without animosity but I could tell you had an uneasy thought resting on your chest. So on the way to take you home I asked if there was something bothering you and you replied very quickly saying ‘ Yes, I don’t like to be left waiting and if you were going to be late you should have called. Know that I understand that your work may keep you long hours. All I ask is you relate that to me. Please understand my position and why I am telling you this. I hope this does not become a habit of yours.’”

She laughed. “I didn’t say all that, did I?” 

Sometimes my wife surprises herself with the things that come out of her mouth.  We both went to college to become lawyers and every now and again when she is conveying her truth, she leaves no room for misinterpretation. “Yes my Love, you went Lawyer Lady on me and ordered me to do eight hours of community service, in your yard. I thought that was a little much and offered you a plea deal. The first time I made you cum, from me tasting you was a night I will never forget.

I began by kissing your pillow soft lips before making my way down to your long, swan like neck. You were so silky and smooth. You were rich like sweet cream and smelled like coconut. First I licked and kissed the right side. Then I kissed and licked the left side; stopping at your collarbone just to feel your pulse. You still had a steady beat so, up and over, I removed your shirt to expose the twins. They seemed so happy to be out and unrestrained. I nibbled on each nipple, paying close attention not to bite too hard; keeping it very gentle. I then slid my fat, wet tongue down the middle of them and stopped at your navel. I then proceeded to feed your lower body with passionate kisses. I know you remember when I started licking your inner thighs!”

“Yes vaguely, but please honey, please remind me.”

Her voice was low and seductive now. Blood quickly rushed to my dick and He rose with enthusiasm. I could hear her grasp for air. She’s touching herself. “Yes, my love, I will gladly continue. By now I could feel how moist you were. My hand looked as if it had been submerged in water for hours. My tongue circulated the outside of your pussy walls causing you to grab my hand. I sucked and licked on your sweet peach, determined not to miss a drop. That’s when your breathing changed from slow and steady to deep and heavy. You attempted to say something a few times but your sentences were incoherent. That’s when I put my tongue deep inside of you. I could feel your heartbeat pick up when I added ice into your pussy. I moved the cubes around with my tongue until they disappeared from the warmth of you. I knew I was doing something right when you started to rub on your breast and sucking on your fingers. I went even deeper into you and you grabbed my ears, then my whole head. Tingles slithered down your body and soft moans left your lips. Your hands made their way to my neck. Your nails pierced me and you moaned louder. And louder! Sweat beads formed in between your breast and on the small of your back. You began to speak from a place full of passion and fire.” 

“Ooooh Nicco, what did I say?” She did it too me again. It’s like she’s singing a lullaby when she speaks. “Did I tell you I couldn’t take any more?” she asked.

“Yes.” I replied in a whisper I only wanted her to hear.

“Did I tell you ‘don’t stop, keep it coming’?” Again, in a faint whisper, I replied, “Yes.” She let out a moan of yearning. I could hear how much she missed me.

“I need you to finish the story sweetheart, oh how I need you to finish the story.” She begged and pleaded for me to finish.

“Alright, my love, are you ready?” She didn’t reply. I guess she was engulfed in the memory of it all. Either that or she was making a new memory. Whatever the case was I finished. “You screamed out ‘the way you move your tongue inside me is incredible. I’m in heaven.’ You started to drip, then…Splash! I could feel a big puddle underneath you. So I licked you longer and harder until your moans got faster and faster…Splash! You screamed ‘Yes! Oh my God!’ and I pushed your legs back…Splash! Forcing my tongue in as far as it would go; I found you’re G-spot…Splash! You grabbed a hold of the pillow and screamed again ‘I have never felt anything like this before.’ Splash! Splash! Spah-lash! I made sure to lick and collect every bit of vanilla cream that came out of your fat juicy peach; even that which rested on your thighs. I came back up to look you in the eyes and you held me real close, it was oh so tight. I felt your heart beat at a steady pace. It picked up quickly when I slipped my dick right into your hot pussy.”            

My Apology

       I walked through the door around 4 am. I knew Rio would be upset with me; more like ”pissed the fuck off” as she would put it. But with a very good reason. See I’ve been out every weekend this month. Tonight I had every intention on coming straight home after I left the office. However, an unexpected meeting kept me and I didn’t call. Once business was over my colleagues and I went for a drink at El Gaucho’s, and before I knew it one drink turned into six.   

       Taking a look around the house I noticed that candles were everywhere and most of them had been melted down. I knew right then and there I was in for a lengthy discussion on
time management. Dinner was still on the dinning room table, untouched. A mini Red Velvet cake was the center piece of this beautiful arrangement and a half empty bottle of Krug sat off to the side next to a butcher knife; that she had drove into the table  What was I going to say? I know for a fact by the time she went to bed she was irate. It’s too late for a verbal apology, and the last thing I want to do at this hour is argue. I wrapped the food up and put it in the
refrigerator. The cake looked good, so I took a few bites before I put it away. Next I drank the rest of the champagne while I struggled to take the knife out of the table; she really got it in there good.

       I walked into the bedroom and saw her sound asleep. Rio looked so alluring. My lady likes to sleep without any clothes on. Which is always a plus. My eyes wandered up and down her silky smooth skin and just for a moment, I watched her chest rise and fall with each breath. Her hair was slightly tossed about yet still retaining some curls. I took off all my clothes, making sure NOT to leave them in the middle of the floor. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I began thinking of all the ways to ravish her body. Licking my lips while in deep thought, I heard a slight moan and could tell she rolled over on her stomach. I peaked out and around the bathroom door. She glowed in the light of the early dawn, making my mouth water. Which gave me the perfect plan. I have to do a lot of making up and I am determined to put a smile on her face. I finished up in the bathroom and walked out with great intent on tasting her sweet nectar. I slid the silk sheets back and she must have felt a slight draft cause she pulled her left leg closer to her chest.  I didn’t want to wake her so I paused like I was in the middle of playing a game of Freeze Tag. I was so happy she didn’t wake up.

       I walked around to the side of the bed and ever so gently placed a few pillows underneath her. I wanted to make sure her warm, wet, sensitive pussy was high enough in the air. I slid my tongue down her left ass cheek and up the right cheek. Then back down until I worked my way to the sweetest spot.  I circled my tongue around her clitoris and slipped my
fingers into her warmth. I moved them in a rhythmic motion, revealing her pinkness, making sweet music…and right on cue Rio moaned. With my other hand I gently rubbed her clitoris. The inside of her thighs became hot and her juices flowed like ribbons of silk. I stuck my tongue deep inside her tunnel of love. She began to speak softly and openly; most
of which I couldn’t understand. However, I knew my name when I heard it. Nicco! It was pure seduction at its finest. With each syllable I could feel the blood draining from one brain and going to the other. It was hard for me to control myself, I was thirsty! I tried to lap up every drop of her essence but it just wasn’t enough to hydrate me. I moved my tongue franticly in every direction searching for the “release button”. The gasps and purring sounds were more frequent now and elevated in volume; which turned me on even more. The throbbing sensation at the tip of my dick was almost unbearable.

       I slapped my tongue against her kitty kat, making loud splashing sounds. Her super premium pussy tasted like Madagascan vanilla cream. With each sip, slurp, suck, nibble and
bite…my face was eventually covered with her smooth rich cream. Multiple orgasms from my tongues manipulation produced a luscious white pudding that was so delicious and tasty, I overdosed. The pillows were soaked from my adventurous exploration beneath the
surface of her ocean. It was obvious, with Rio lying there; a half smile on her face, that I had achieved my goal. The sun peeked through our bedroom window, and life outside began the daily hustle and bustle of making a dollar. Not me though. I curled up next to my love, closed my eyes and held on tight. She turned and buried her head in my chest. I kissed her on her forehead and she whispered seductively…  “Mmmm, hi sweetheart. I just had the freakiest dream ever. It felt so real.” I didn’t want to brag but I had to tell her. I took a deep breath and
squeezed a little tighter “That was no dream babe, I did that to you…for you.” She was quiet for a moment, and then she spoke “ Apology accepted!!” 

Seductive Aggressive Sex After Drama

It was very late when you walked in the house; struggling to lock the door behind you. After stumbling a little you put your left hand on the wall to keep the little balance you still had. Keeping yourself steady you took your heels off and proceeded to throw your heels at me one by one.  “What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked, rubbing the back of my head. I slammed the refrigerator door. “THAT SHIT HURT! The back of my head is stinging” Before I could get anymore words out you threw your other heel at me, but this time I ducked. The heel was inches away from smacking me dead in the face.  “What the fuck is your problem? Are you out of your fucking mind?” “Are you drunk!?” “Yes I’m drunk, drunk off my ass so what? I went out with my girl’s and I had a great time with my girl’s at least they have time for me unlike you do.” She cocked her left eye and pointed her manicured middle finger in my face “You’ve been cheating on me with some bougie ass female?” “I’m not cheating on you with anybody.”      We started arguing, yelling at the top of our lungs, cussing at one another and exchanging some hurtful words to each other. We were just going back and forth for what seemed like forever. I know the people that lived underneath me could probably hear what was going on. It was three in the fucking morning. All I could think about was I hope they don’t call the police. That’s the last thing I need; Seattle police department knocking on my door and trying to take me to jail for raising my voice in my own place…that I pay rent at. “So who is she and why haven’t I heard from you all day today?” That’s when she took that middle finger and pushed me right in the center of my forehead. I got real quiet at first thinking to myself who the hell is she talking about and what is she talking about now.  “Shit you tell me who the fuck she is because I’m lost and clueless. If I was cheating on your ass you would know because you wouldn’t be here and you damn for sure would not be hearing from me for longer than one fucking day. The reason why you didn’t hear from me is because I was running around handling business getting thing’s taken care of. Not everybody can just go to the club whenever they feel like it and get drunk off their ass with friends. Don’t beat around the bush about things; speak the fuck up, say what’s on your mind. Last time I got checked the doctor never told me I had any special gift on reading people’s minds. So stop playing stupid!”  “You’re full of shit Nicco! You keep talking to me like that so I can slap the fuck out of you. You’re going to stop talking to me like I’m one of these bitches out here. Who’s the bitch I’ve been hearing you been with? Is that why I haven’t heard from you these past few days? I haven’t gotten a text let alone a damn phone call from you. Are you laid up with this bitch?” “Why do you keep saying you haven’t heard from me in a few days? You haven’t heard from me all day today, up until now. You’re hearing from me tonight though, right? I woke up to pick the phone up for your drunk ass and your here right? If I was cheating the next female will be here laid up on your side of the bed naked! You would’ve been getting the ignore button and sent straight to voicemail all day. I’m full of shit huh? You must be joking. I almost laughed in your face for saying that. Like I told you the first time I don’t know who you’re talking about. You haven’t said a name or describe the female or nothing so how should I know. You’re really starting to piss me off. You don’t want to speak up and you keep accusing me of shit I didn’t do. You ask me who she is like I know what the fuck you’re talking about. Let me guess who told you all this nonsense it was probably one of your raggedy good for nothing I’m miserable and lonely because I don’t have a man ass friends.” You didn’t like me saying that because you snapped back at me real quick with, “My friends aren’t miserable and lonely.” “Are you for real? That’s a damn lie! They are so miserable and lonely that they’ll talk to anybody that will give them any type of attention! Your friends are always in our business. Some of your friends ask about me like I’m with them or something and your coo with that shit. They need to be worried about all those kids they have and about finding the father of their kids, instead of worrying about you and I. You know what sounds even better? Tell them they can get some business of their own to worry about and stay they the fuck out of ours.” “Those are my girl’s. I have known them since high school. One of my girl’s did tell me about you messing around, and all that other stuff, you can tell them that yourself.” “Oh if I end up telling them it’s not going to be anywhere near nice.”  “I want to know who she is. Just tell me who is she? I won’t get mad I promise. Look, I knew how you were before we even got this close so I knew what I was getting myself into. Just tell me the truth.” “You know I left my ladies’ man slash bachelor ways alone once we started getting deep into each other. I fell in love with your ass. I even left my flirtatious ways behind a long time ago and you know that. You need to calm the fuck down while you’re in my apartment or you can get the fuck out and take your sloppy drunk ass attitude with you.”    “What? So you’re trying to kick me out now? Is the bitch coming over? Was that her you were just texting not too long ago? Sloppy drunk, who the hell are you calling sloppy drunk? You won’t be saying that when you’re eating this drunk pussy you punk mothafucka!” “Hahahahaha! You are hella funny. Get the fuck out!!!” You stood there, feet planted and your hands on your hips. You rolled your neck and your eyes followed. You apparently thought I was playing. You was really going to force me to put you out of my home. “Oh, you don’t hear me? Well, let me open the door for you.” You rushed me before I could get to the door knob swinging on me with your left hand then your right hand. I moved away from the door and your balled up fist that were coming directly towards my face at a quick pace. I dodged your one two punch. Then you brought your arm back as far as it would go and came with an over hand right. I grab your arm throwing you on the sofa. I kissed your vampy wine lips deeply with a lot of aggression. Our tongues tangle and I started running my hands all over your body. Your fragrance by wonderstruck crept slowly into my noise. A splash of a strong fruity alcohol smell followed from all the drinking you were doing tonight. You had me aroused and ready. Looking into your beautiful eyes, your natural butterfly lashes drove me so wild. I ended up snatching off your wrap dress off your soft cocoa butter skin, leaving your fishnet stockings on. With nothing but hardcore sex and kinky shit on my mind, I held your wrap dress tightly in one hand while I had my other hand wrapped around your neck. I looked at you seductively and removed my hand from around your neck. You’re breathing in and out deeply gasping for air. Flipping you onto your stomach, I watched your body sink into the sofa. I smacked your ass with both hands. The loud slapping noise echoed around the living room escaping through the open window into the wind for those outside to hear. Ripping your fishnet stockings apart, I exposed your sugary wet pussy. I kissed my way up from the back of your thigh, placing more than a few kisses on her downy round ass cheek. Going up some I passed your waistline. I began licking and kissing up your spine, digging my teeth in between your collarbone and neck. You jumped from a high voltage shock of pleasure creeping through your body. Moans seep out of your mouth as I entered my dick into your pulsating pussy. It felt so amazing the more and more I stroked my dick in and out of your pussy. It felt like your walls were closing in on me. The tight wet warm sensation drove me wild and crazy. The feeling I was receiving from the way you started throwing it back very slowly at me made me tremble at times. You had me held under some kind of sexual love spell. The head of my dick was tingling. I had to snap out of it fast. Your slow motion movements were making me too weak. I felt myself getting ready to cum. It was getting closer and closer like it wanted to escape and get all over you. I tried snapping out of it by flipping you back over. You had my body weak like I just took two muscle relaxers and three flaming shots of 151. I still didn’t pull out. I kept my dick inside of you. The feeling was too incredible to lose. I wanted to keep that sensational feeling that was going throughout my entire body.  Pushing your legs behind your head, I began building up speed. I let my dick go deeper and deeper aggressively. After every other thrust I rubbed on your clit gently with my middle finger, giving you a more electrifying feeling. I looked at you in your beautiful chestnut eyes. Using my tongue, I kissed you with so much love and affection. I needed to hear your voice. “Talk to me baby tell me how I’m making you feel. Is the dick good?” You uttered faintly “Yes Nicco, it’s more than good. Your dick is transcendent and mind blowing. I love it ba-ba-ba baby, oooooh shit yes, yes right there I, I, I, I, I, I’M CUMMING.” You dug your nails into my shoulders. The more pain she gave me the more pleasure she received from me dicking her down aggressively.